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Interior House Painting

For Interior painting, we follow a similar process to the exterior side, with a few differences. All of our interior painting is done with products that follow VOC compliance for safety and air quality inside of your home to prevent fumes from collecting after the work is completed. 


Before we begin painting the interior of your home, our teams will first clean the areas of any furniture, paintings, decorative pieces from the walls and floors, and to cover the area using plastic sheeting. We move the items of the home to central areas that can safely be worked around. After this we will begin to remove all wall outlets, and keep them together to replace once we finish.


We will then begin to fill all dents, nail holes, cracks, and repair any damaged drywall that you would like. After filling and repair work, we will sand any areas for smoothing the texture to match the wall, and apply a primer coat to all areas that have been filled, or exposed. 

We also area able to repair any damaged drywall as needed.


Walls, ceilings and trim will all receive TWO full coats of paint, and if necessary the walls may require more coatings if going for a major color change (price will be quoted for additional coats before if needed).


When we have finished the work, the team will replace all moved furniture back, outlets to walls, and clean the area fully. Once cleaning is finished, we will then plan a final inspection with the homeowner to ensure a quality finish.