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Exterior House Painting

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Exterior House Painting

When it comes time to paint the exterior of your home, we follow a thorough process for preparing and painting all surfaces on your home for a long lasting finish that stands up to the elements. We use TWO full coats of paint to all surfaces.


  •  Preparation: The most important part of a painting project is the work before painting starts. the first thing we plan for on a project is cleaning the surfaces using a pressure washer, as well as hand cleaning to remove any left over mildew or mold.

  1. Scraping all loose and peeling paint.

  2. Sanding to prevent paint chipping from ridge lines on exposed areas.

  3. Sealing cracks from moisture using caulking and or wood spackle.

  4. Using glazing putty for older window panes.

  5. Spot priming all bare and exposed wood.

  • We layout drop cloths, and a clean area on the back, or side of your home that is maintained each work day, including all ladders and tools. A shop vacuum is used to clean any paint chips that are on the ground, this prevents any mess around your home. 

  • If we are painting your full exterior, we will then plan to fully mask off all windows, frames, and accent pieces around your home to prepare for a professional spray finish. 

  • Painting Siding: Once the preparation is completed, we will then begin to paint the siding of your home using industrial sprayers, and hand rollers, this will ensure proper coverage, and an even coating. 

  •  Painting Trim: After the siding has been painted, we will then remove all masking from any frames, and begin painting the trim on your home, this is typically done by hand using a brush and smaller roller. We usually save any decks or steps last on a project. 

  • Final Inspection: Once we have finished the work on your home, the team will plan to do a full inspection on the work for anything that might have been missed, or final touch-up's with a crew manager. Once the work has been inspected for completion, we will plan a final inspection with the homeowner to go through the project in detail before we finalize the work.